The #1 Name In Equine Preventive Maintenance And Rehabilitation

The #1 Name In Equine  Preventive Maintenance  And Rehabilitation


How Infrared Light Heals Hoof Problems

by AVirtualSky | Thu, Dec 20, 2012


As horses deal with the winter conditions of mud and snow, the opportunity for an abscess or other types of hoof problems becomes more prevalent.  Trail rides can cause bruising on soles made soft by water, and laminitis can develop

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Winter Horse Hoof Tips

by AVirtualSky | Thu, Dec 13, 2012


Did you know that a horse’s hoof wall undergoes metabolic changes in the winter that cause it to grow more slowly? It can be unnerving when black ice covers wet ground, snow drifts don’t allow a rider to see possible

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by lisat | Tue, Dec 04, 2012

Did you know that RevitaVet gives back to the riding community?  Revitavet sponsors, or is proudly affiliated with the following great organizations! IHSA RevitaVet is an official sponsor of the IHSA, awarding systems as prizes to the winning team at the National

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The Difference Between Hunters & Jumpers

by AVirtualSky | Thu, Nov 29, 2012

Hunters and jumpers are obviously judged differently, but what is the judge actually looking for?  In a Hunter class, the judge looks for a certain conformation and efficient elegance in movement that creates an overall picture.  A hunter rider must

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The Origins of Jumping

by AVirtualSky | Sun, Nov 25, 2012


As the horse bunches its muscles and flies over a jump and covers a course with courage and grace, one often wonders where this sport began.  Here is a brief history of the origins of the sport of jumping.  In

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The History of the Crabbet Arabians

by AVirtualSky | Thu, Nov 15, 2012

Crabbet Park Stud was first established in 1878 after Lord and Lady Anne Blunt returned to England from the Middle East with some fine Arabian horses with which to start a breeding program.  Lady Anne, the daughter of the poet

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How Infrared Light Helps to Heal Your Horse Quickly

by AVirtualSky | Thu, Nov 08, 2012


Each type of tissue and cell structure in the body has a different ability to absorb wavelengths of light.  Skin, because it is filled with fluids like water and blood, absorbs light very readily, while the dense areas of the

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The History of the Arabian Horse Market

by AVirtualSky | Fri, Oct 26, 2012


An elegant carriage, beautifully dished face, large liquid brown eye, and the movement of a ballet dancer define the stunning breed of horse called the Arabian.    In the United States, this breed more than many others, has had its financial

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The Arabian Horse

by AVirtualSky | Wed, Oct 17, 2012


Graceful elegance, flowing mane and tail, nostrils blowing, hooves dance across the ground barely touching as if wings keep them afloat.  This is the Arabian. A large liquid brown eye, beautiful dished profile, small curved ears, large efficient nostrils, and

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How Infrared Light Helps Heal Back Pain

by AVirtualSky | Wed, Oct 10, 2012


Often time poor movement can be traced to back injuries.  Back soreness can be caused by an accident, poor conditioning, or work that is too strenuous.  Stiff, torn, strained, or sore muscles can all benefit from infrared light therapy treatments.  

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