The #1 Name In Equine Preventive Maintenance And Rehabilitation

The #1 Name In Equine  Preventive Maintenance  And Rehabilitation


Let’s Talk about Hunt Seat

by AVirtualSky | Mon, Apr 15, 2013


Hunt seat is a type of forward seat riding steeped in the history and tradition of foxhunting.  Riders can choose to ride on the flat or over fences for showing hunters.  In Hunter under Saddle, or Hunter over Fences classes,

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How Infrared Light Helps to Heal Major and Minor Problems

by AVirtualSky | Fri, Mar 29, 2013


Infrared light therapy has been proven to heal many major as well as minor injuries.  Physiological changes have been scientifically proven in these areas: ·        Inflammation and pain reduction with an increase in circulation to the injured tissues. ·        Scar

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Choosing a Barrel Racing Horse

by AVirtualSky | Fri, Mar 15, 2013


They always make it look so easy while they blaze from barrel to barrel circling like lightning and exploding towards home.  What looks easy usually isn’t.  Barrel racing champions can spend years looking for a horse with explosive athleticism, good

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The Importance of Breeding Eventing Horses

by AVirtualSky | Thu, Feb 28, 2013


A multi-discipline education is important to riders in the world of eventing.  Many top riders who later became specialist in a specific discipline were, at one time, eventing riders.  From Reiner Klimke to George Morris, each one rode in multiple

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The History of the Spanish Arabian

by AVirtualSky | Sun, Feb 17, 2013

The beautiful graceful Arabian horse can trace its genetic history to the seventh century. It is known that the Arabic people, otherwise known as the Moors, were pushed out of Spain in 1492.  The Moors had occupied this country for

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The Pony Club

by AVirtualSky | Fri, Jan 25, 2013


Many of today’s current top International and Olympic superstars began their careers riding in The Pony Club.  Many parent’s over the years have chosen this club to teach their children about horses because the curriculum is very well layed out and defined. How did it all begin? 

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Remembering Scamper, the Barrel Racing Legend

by AVirtualSky | Wed, Jan 16, 2013

People who love horses and want to compete at the top of their sport, often pay extraordinary amounts of money for the ability to rise to the top.  However, on some occasions, an uncut, unpolished diamond can be found in

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ReviteVet Proudly Supports the IHSA!

by lisat | Tue, Jan 08, 2013


For Immediate Release L.A. Pomeroy, media liaison, (413) 586-6121 More Than Good Horse Sense: IHSA Riders Rank Among Rhodes Scholars for Second Time in Two Years  Rhodes Scholar, Rachel Kolb aboard Ronny Fairfield, CT—December 5, 2012—Stride for stride, solid

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The Cloning of a Barrel Racing Legend

by AVirtualSky | Sun, Jan 06, 2013

Science is working in the horse industry to continue bloodlines that might otherwise die off.  Smart Little Lena, Scamper and a few other horses have been cloned in order to continue the legacy and keep the money for stud fees

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How Infrared Light Enhances Performance

by AVirtualSky | Sun, Dec 30, 2012

It is a well known fact that infrared light therapy can be used on injuries that a horse can sustain while competing or even while just being a horse.  But, did you know that is also a great way to

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