The #1 Name In Equine Preventive Maintenance And Rehabilitation

The #1 Name In Equine  Preventive Maintenance  And Rehabilitation

Hawley Bennett-Awad

Member  Canadian Olympic Team 2004 & 2012

Multiple top placings at Rolex Kentucky CCI****  as well as Badminton

Member Silver Medal Team 2003 Pan American Eventing Championships

15th in the FEI World Cup Finals

Rolex Kentucky 3DE 2013


Hawley has been using the RevitaVet product since the beginning of 2009, and was introduced to the product at the Galway Downs Event. The owner of RevitaVet markets his product by setting up a therapy tent at the events & offers free sessions for horses and riders.

“Hawley saw immediate results on her horses’ hocks and legs after the treatment sessions at these events. Hawley now has the therapy devise in her barn and uses it on a daily basis to maintain soundness and help in rapid recovery after a vigorous training session. She has also used it on injured and post op horses, who would typically take weeks to months to recovery from their injuries. RevitaVet speeds the recovery process to mere days in comparison to the typical untreated recovery time. The product is very easy to integrate into a daily routine and is instrumental in keeping her horses at their peak performance.”

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Photo Credit :   Julia Shearwood