The #1 Name In Equine Preventive Maintenance And Rehabilitation

The #1 Name In Equine  Preventive Maintenance  And Rehabilitation

Anna Buffini

anna-buffiniAnna Buffini rides in Del Mar California with three time Olympic medalist Guenter Seidel.  A USDF bronze, silver and gold medalist, she started riding at the age of 10 after a successful 8 year gymnastics career winning multiple state and national championships.

Over the past decade of her riding career she has competed and won southern California championships on her German riding pony who taught her how to ride dressage up to Prix St George.  She then transitioned to her mother’s horse Holyman, who taught her the FEI levels and in 2011 they won the Southern California FEI championships. With her horse Teddy she won the training level and first level Southern California state championships in 2010 and 2011 respectively.  She moved onto Guenter Seidel’s previous mount Sundayboy, winning the 2013 FEI Southern California State Championship, the 2014 USEF Young Rider National Championships as well as the Sportsmanship award. In 2014 they traveled to Kentucky as member of the Region 7 Young Rider Team winning NAJYRC team gold and Buffin and the Sportmanship award as well.

In 2016 Buffini won the Under 25 Grand Prix National Championships on her mount Sundayboy and the Reserve Championship on her newest mount Wilton, making history as the only rider to come in first and second in that event. Her goals for the future are competing in Florida, Europe and eventually representing America in World Cups, WEG’s and Olympic Games.


“I have been using the RevitaVet system for a decade now and it has worked miracles for both my horses and myself. I was introduced to these products when I had a badly sprained ankle at a show.  After treatment I was in considerably less pain and the swelling had gone down immensely. I then tried it on my horses with equal success, they loved the treatment and the results were incredible.

“I have used it successfully on suspensory injuries, splints, arthritis, sore muscles, relaxation, and I noticed a difference each time I used the treatment. Now, I never get on my horses without using the RevitaVet first. I can honestly say these products have made a huge impact in my riding career and I have very happy horses because of them.”

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