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RevitaVet™ offers a full line of products for your performance horses and small animals. A small investment in a RevitaVet™ product will bring you years of cost savings with veterinary expenses.

IR2REVITAVET IR2 - Product Details & Purchasing

The IR2 is the base unit for the RevitaVet™
product line. The IR2 can be used on the
entire body and is very easy to apply.





Product Details & Purchasing

The baseline The IR2 is the base unit for the RevitaVet™ product line, and the IR2 Complete includes the Back Pad in one packaged product.

Back PadBACK PAD - Product Details & Purchasing

A useful addition to the IR2 product line.
Use on the back, shoulders and large muscle groups.

pollcapPoll Cap™
Product Details and Purchasing

The Poll Cap™ is a hands-free device, self contained, "AA" battery powered, used for the treatment of the poll region.  It is a very effective tool for calming hoses down.  The device can be used for frontal sinuses, TMJ, first and second vertebra as well as primary acupuncture points in the area.

Product Details and Purchasing

The HoofPad is an equine device that is designed to deal with most hoof related problems. The pad is made of hard rubber, with 15 embedded 880nm diodes, allowing the horse to safely step on the pad.

Purchase with ConfidenceWith our "Purchase with Confidence" 30 day money back gaurantee, you can be assured that we stand behind our products!



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