Pam Fisher

Pam FisherA lifelong horsewoman, Pam Fisher started showing her own Appaloosa to various championships as a teenager, and is now an advanced three-day eventing rider of many titles and a recognized and successful horse trainer.

As a teenager, Pam was qualified to ride in the State Championships for Barrel Racing and Western Pleasure. As an adult Pam and her horse Lancelet, were long listed for the 1996 summer Olympics in three-day eventing.

Pam graduated from Alfred University with a BA in Animal Behavior as well as being on the College Equestrian Hunter Jumper Team. After college, Pam started eventing, becoming very competitive. She trained and rode with some of the best in the world, including Jack Legoff, Gold Medal U.S.E.T. winning coach, Bruce Davidson, 2-time World Champion Event Rider, Eicke von Veltheim, German Dressage Olympian, Belinda Narin, U.S.A. Dressage Olympian, Carol Thompson and Michael Matz, Olympic Show Jumpers, and current U.S.E.T. Eventing Coach, Captain Mark Phillips.

Since 1986 she has owned and operated her own horse facility, training horses for many equestrian disciplines as well as conducting rehabilitation therapy for injured horses.

Pam's Use of RevitaVet:

"I use it daily in my barn for whatever a horse or I might need.  Today I am treating a horse with a contusion on the medial aspect of his fetlock.  He banged it at the CHP HT last week when a hail storm blew in.  He must have hit it running around his stall.  The IR-2 brought out the swelling and it is just about 100% after just seven days.  We treated it immediately and he was not sore on it after the first treatment.  He was sound and went on to jump a clear show jump round.

I had a horse in the barn last fall that lacerated his flank.  It was nasty to look at.  In such a sensitive area we could only hold the IR-2 pad close to it but, not touch it.  After three days it looked to be two weeks old.  After a week a vet had a look at him and thought that the injury was a month old. 

I use it on myself wherever I may have an ache or pain.  In fact, my leg was broken at the tibia Plateau after being kicked last summer.  I had a surgery in which they put in a metal plate and five screws across to hold the fracture together to support my knee.  When I saw the surgeon after two weeks he could barely see the fracture lines.  He called in the other surgeons to show them how miraculous this was.  After four weeks the fracture lines were completely invisible.  He now calls me his miracle patient.  He refused to give credit to the IR-2, although I was putting in on my leg three times/day!

It really works.  It is so small and light weight you can take it everywhere and use it on anything."

Pam Fisher
Ruffian Stables / Basalt, Colorado
International Sport Horse Trainer
RevitaVet User Since 2006



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